Ep #108: Entertainer Lizzy Jeff on Spirituality, Meditation, Visualization & More!

December 8, 2016

On the @wakeprayslaypodcast we do motivation, inspiration and spirituality for the modern girl with an open mind. Although rooted in religious backgrounds like Christianity, many modern millennial motivated girls, don't necessarily identify themselves with one religion but still seek an intimate, personal relationship with a Higher Power that incorporates positive thought, meditation, mindfulness and a focus on positive vibrations and elevated frequency and consciousness. Everyone's path to motivation inspiration and spirituality is different but we can all be accepting of everyone with no judgement. 


Get to know Lizzy Jeff! Her energy is unmatched and her vibe is extra wavy. She's the West Coast Wave Goddess on a mission to help you elevate your consciousness over dope beats, hosting events with no shortage of good energy. As a culture curator, Lizzy encourages people to look within to find God, meditate and live a health concious life. 


Listen in to the latest podcast episode where Lizzy and I have a conversation about her path to spirituality, meditation, visualization and manifestation. 


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